The largest Interconnection hub in Italy 
for neutral colocation

Avalon Campus services are offered by 

Avalon Campus is a unique place in Italy, hosting over 165 national and international Operators. Here Carriers, ISPs, Resellers, OTTs and Enterprises can interconnect with any operator, public cloud or streaming platform or even host entire data centers.
Avalon Campus is extended over three locations (Avalon 1, Avalon 2 and Avalon 3) interconnected by proprietary fiber optics, creating a single large virtual room.

13,000 sqm with a capacity of over
2,600 racks

distributed meet-me-room

The distributed optical infrastructure connects the different buildings and rooms of Avalon Campus, turning them into a unique extended large virtual data center, where interconnections with any room and any operator, including the MIX, are quick and easy.



top cloud providers

on a global level

fiber optic links


The value of Avalon Campus

Hyper-connected hub

to place your equipment or entire Data Centers in racks or customized cages and to interconnect with the main national and international Operators and Cloud Providers.

A huge extended virtual room

Avalon 2 e Avalon 3 are interconnected with Avalon 1, in via Caldera, via a large number of fiber optics on different physical paths.

Simple and fast connections

among racks/cages, buildings and Data Centers, thanks to intelligent cabinets and patch panels that are able to automate the installation process and report any routing errors.

More security and redundancy

thanks to an optical infrastructure with multiple different paths and to a restricted and secured access to the meeting rooms allowed only to authorized IRIDEOS personnel.

Cloud Exchange

for a direct connection to the major public cloud platforms. Avalon Campus is a regional gateway for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud (AWS via MIX).

Direct connections to the MIX

creating a single technological hub where Telecommunication Operators can interconnect with each other at advantageous costs and in a simple way.

100% GREEN

All the data centers in Avalon Campus are powered by 100% energy produced from certified renewable sources.

Discover Avalon Campus

  • Avalon 1

    Via Caldera, Milan

    Located in Milan Caldera, in the area with the highest density of IP networks in Italy, crossroads of the Italian Internet traffic, Avalon 1 is the heart of the Avalon Campus.

  • Avalon 2

    Settimo Milanese

    Located in Settimo Milanese, less than 3 Km from Avalon 1 in via Caldera, Avalon 2 is the first expansion of the Avalon Campus.

  • Avalon 3 NEW

    Via Bisceglie, Milan

    Avalon 3, part of Avalon Campus, is the new hyper-connected and sustainable data center in Milan, certified Rating 4- ANSI TIA.

The largest Italian ICT player

Avalon Campus services are offered by IRIDEOS and Retelit.

IRIDEOS and Retelit are both owned by Asterion Industrial Partners, an European investment fund based in Madrid focused on infrastructure
IRIDEOS and Retelit together represent the largest Italian ICT player focused on the B2B market.

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